Service Recordings

April 2nd                 Maryann Hackworth:    "Transformation: Sowing Seeds of Love"

April 9th                 Reverend Ric Schumacher: "Enter In"

April 16th               Reverend Patty Perhacs: "The Resurrection"

April 23rd               Vince Lisi: "Dearest to Us"

April 30th               All Music Sunday - "A Song in My Heart" - Entire Service

                                   Performed by Sheri, Mariko, Maurice and Caleb

May 7th                 Iris Kurka:    "We Are Living in a Vibrational World"

May 14th               Maryann Hackworth:    "Call Upon the Divine Mother"

May 21st               Reverend Patty Perhacs:  "Strong in Faith, I am Free" -Message & Meditation

May 28th              Vince Lisi:  "Understanding Inclusion" Message & Music

June 4th                 Maryann Hackworth - "The Ripple of a Positive Thought" - Talk & Meditation (37:12)

June 11th              Rev. Ric Schumacher - "The Dead Lizard and the Banquet" - Talk (25:24)

June18th              Diego Villada - "Daddy Lessons"  (25:23)

June25th              Vince Lisi - "I Like Me" - Talk (17:25)

July 2nd               Dorothy Washington - "Diversity in Unity" - Talk (29:41)

July 9th                Maryann Hackworth - "The Freedom of Non-Attachment" - Talk (24:32)

July 16th              Dana Micucci - "Embodying The Wisdom of the Heart"

July 23rd              Vince Lisi - "Ancestry: Part I"  Talk (24:57)

August 6th          Robin Walsh  "Loving What Is"   Talk Only (25:14)

August 13th        Rev. Ric Schumacher - "Save the World Entire" - Talk Only (26:00)

August 20th         Rev. Patty Perhacs - "We Are Meant to Shine"     - Talk and Meditation  (28:29)

August 27th         Vince Lisi - "Ancestry: Part II"   

September 3rd       Rev. Patty Perhacs  - "12 Power Meditation Service"  

September 10th    Philip Bourdon    "The Source of Faith According to Jesus"  

September 17th    Maryann Hackworth  "Our Soul's Eternal Unfoldment"   

September 24th    Vince Lisi - "Ancestry: Part III"   

October 1st         Rev. Patty Perhacs  - "Expansion"

October 8th         Philip Bourdon - "Recognizing Power"

October 15th         Maryann Hackworth - "Forgiveness: The Elixir of Life"

October 22nd         Vince Lisi - "Ancestry: Part IV"   

October 29th         Virgi Bohn - "Trick or Treat!"

November 12th        Jill Mattson - "Intro to Ancient Sound Healing Secrets"

November 19th        Maryann - "Joy Through Gratitude"

November 26th        Vince Lisi - "Ancestry: Part V"

Our location is

5343 Kincaid St., Pittsburgh, PA 15224


Sunday Services - 10:30 am,

Music starts about 10:20 am

Also Reiki Practitioners Circle is normally held the 2nd Sunday of each month after service and social hour at 12:30 pm. Check the calendar of events as the schedule sometimes fluctuates.