Science and spirituality have long been considered to be in conflict with each other, but the two disciplines are not mutually exclusive - they are merely different ‘languages’ that explain the same thing. ​In his book New Eyes: A Unifying Vision of Science and Spirituality, Steve Treu​, LPC, describes how the work of Albert Einstein and ​his colleagues ​essentially support​s the world’s religions and ​explains​  how quantum physics points to the world being an illusion that is really just a ​"​playground” ​or "gymnasium" ​for souls to ​explore, exercise, ​learn and grow.

New Eyes​ also demonstrates​ how all of the world's religions are ultimately ​expressing ​the same idea ... that we are eternal conscious beings interacting in a dream-like​ physical world. ​ With this understanding, it is easier to embrace the idea of "oneness" unified in spirit.

Steve Treu is a licensed professional counselor and Chief Visionary Officer for Quantum Revolution Inc.  His insight-focused therapy uses quantum physics to help clients understand the scientific nature of reality, and process what it means for them from both a physical (body) and non-physical (soul) perspective as they heal themselves.  As an applied quantum philosopher, Treu assists people in exploring their infinite possibilities as they improve their lives through a variety of mind, body and spirit techniques.  His quantum counseling methods are indeed revolutionary and are geared specifically toward those struggling with addiction or mental health issues.


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