Sheri Owen

Sheri Owen is a self-taught musician and composer. Driven to the piano in order to self-accompany, Sheri learned to play piano using one of her grandmother's old hymnals while in high school, counting lines to figure out the notes. She has always loved singing, and having an instrument at her disposal meant she could do that more often.

It wasn't long before Sheri realized that it's easier to write your own music than it is to learn someone else's. To date, she's written about 65 songs, and for several years, she performed in a professional duet, touring various clubs and venues throughout the Los Angeles basin. 

Says Sheri, "Music has been and will always be the cornerstone of my faith. There have been moments in the creative process where I have found God doing the writing and performing for me. In those sublime moments, emptiness is truly fullness and fullness truly emptiness, and I understand.

Sheri has explored many religious philosophies over the years including Kabbalah, Buddhism, Unitarian Universalism and A Course in Miracles before finding a spiritual home in Unity teachings. She is generally known for her energy and enthusiasm. A computer programmer by trade, Sheri has traveled the world as a project management consultant, living 5 years in Europe, and has also lived in many parts of the US before finding the paradise that is Pittsburgh. Sheri currently works as a computer programmer and loves both her job and workmates. In her spare time, she enjoys playing piano, singing, reading, and hanging out with her wife, Vicky, and their two cats, Bob and Skamper, as well as their collie, Ani. Sheri's favorite verse is from a poem called Because He Is Love by James Dillet Freeman: "God does not help me because I am good. God helps me because He is good." Her prayer is that she simply act as God's hands, offering help in just the right way at just the right time."

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Also Reiki Practitioners Circle is normally held the 2nd Sunday of each month after service and social hour at 12:30 pm. Check the calendar of events as the schedule sometimes fluctuates.