Virgi Bohn

"During my earthly walk in the University of Life, I was schooled and involved in the field of commercial art. Later, in order to find more lucrative work, I switched to data entry in the fast growing field of computers, and soon became a supervisor. I still used my artistic talents, but only for more soul satisfying projects. Some years later,

after my husband encouraged me to explore the field of creative writing, I discovered I liked painting pictures with words as well as paints.

In the early years of my spiritual life, I struggled with feelings of emptiness, loneliness and unworthiness, in spite of (or due to) the fact I was raised in a Christian home. This led me to question Christian theology and ultimately to believe that something was missing in my understanding of the works and teachings of Jesus Christ. It was at this time that I became more consciously aware of my transformation into a seeker of the truth. My journey was and still is very interesting to say the least, and profoundly uplifting and soulfully enlightening at best. It provides for me an experiential and grace filled bliss that is beyond what words can express. 

In the 80’s I learned about the book called A Course In Miracles, and my study of it became life changing, answering the questions I believed were missing from Christian theology. However, in truth, the messages of power are in Christianity's own textbook, the Bible, but nevertheless still simply overlooked, because we cannot see what we don’t believe exists. One of my favorite activities is to seek out those metaphorical gems of the Bible and sometimes write or talk about my findings."

Our location is

5343 Kincaid St., Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Office Phone: (412) 530-1935


Sunday Services - 10:30 am,

Music starts about 10:20 am

Also Reiki Practitioners Circle is normally held the 2nd Sunday of each month after service and social hour at 12:30 pm. Check the calendar of events as the schedule sometimes fluctuates.