Philip Bourdon

Philip Bourdon has officially rejoined our Board of trustees, as of Sunday, September 17th, after a four year break from our leadership team. As well, he has returned as one of our principal speakers.


Philip was an American Baptist Pastor for almost 16 years, being ordained in 1983 and serving churches in his home state of Massachusetts, then Connecticut and Pennsylvania. He chose to leave professional ministry in 1999. For a number of years he rarely attended church, prayed or read much of anything with a spiritual emphasis until he discovered a metaphysical classic in 2007, The Master Key System, written by Charles Haanel in 1912.

Philip has been a member of Unity Center of Pittsburgh since 2008. His personal studies and experiences with the Unity philosophy resulted in a major shift in his spiritual beliefs to say the least, since he was formerly a conservative evangelical. He especially appreciates the Unity principle of our inherent goodness and strongly embraces our personal responsibility regarding spiritual growth; namely, we have the ability to respond to the challenges we face.


Philip became one of our board members in 2011, and during his three year term, served as Board President, Sunday service platform leader, principal speaker, and volunteer spiritual director.  


We gratefully welcome Philip in his return to our leadership team.

Our location is

5343 Kincaid St., Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Office Phone: (412) 530-1935


Sunday Services - 10:30 am,

Music starts about 10:20 am

Also Reiki Practitioners Circle is normally held the 2nd Sunday of each month after service and social hour at 12:30 pm. Check the calendar of events as the schedule sometimes fluctuates.