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Our Core Values

Joy: We look for the good in every situation and live with enthusiasm and zeal.

Gratitude: We recognize, appreciate and give thanks for the fullness of our lives.

Integrity: We live our values of honesty, respect and ethical principles.

Compassion: We see the Divine in everything and act from our hearts with empathy, acceptance and care.

Inner Wisdom: More and more we turn to Spirit and trust our Divine knowing, while we acknowledge the same in others.

Personal & Spiritual Growth: We expand our conscious connection with Spirit by intentionally and actively expressing our awakening.

Join Us for Sunday Services

Services happen on Sunday mornings at 10:30am. Join us in person at 5343 Kincaid Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15224. The center is located in Garfield near Shadyside, Oakland, East Liberty,  Friendship, Lawrenceville, Highland Park and Morningside.  Parking is available in the lot across from the center or on the street. Traveling by bus? Pittsburgh Regional Transit Route 88. Follow our YouTube Channel to attend services virtually.   

Unity Teachings

Whether you have a strong spiritual foundation, are just at the beginning of your spiritual journey, or do not believe in God at all, Unity offers spiritual insights and guidance for all people. While having its origins rooted in Christianity, the Unity teachings bring together ancient wisdom from many faith traditions. You will not find dogma in Unity, and we honor all spiritual paths.

Because we know that each person comes to Unity at a different place on their journey, we invite you to use the language that resonates with you. Whether you like to say God, the Universe, Spirit, divine truth, Love, or some other phrase, we believe that this divine energy is all the same: a benevolent expression of goodness, order, abundance, and love in the world. 


Unity was founded in 1889 in Kansas City, Missouri, by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. After Myrtle used prayer and affirmations to heal lifelong ailments, her friends became interested in how she accomplished the healing. The Fillmores published their first spiritual publication in 1889, and over time the Unity movement grew from small prayer circles in living rooms to the worldwide movement it is today.

In 1919 the Fillmores bought 58 acres of land about 15 miles southeast of downtown Kansas City. Originally intended as a getaway for Unity workers, the area grew into a working farmstead called Unity Farm. In 1953 the area was incorporated as the township of Unity Village, which continues to be the home of Unity World Headquarters.

Many of the original teachings from the Unity founders about prosperity, healing, and the creative power of our thoughts have now been explained scientifically. The Fillmores were truly spiritual pioneers. Over the years, students who learned from the Fillmores established study groups and churches around the world, now numbering more than 600.

Become a Member

Unity people unite so that they may more effectively minister to the needs of others and may benefit mutually through spiritual communion. We unite to work together, to help one another; to join our prayers, our thoughts, and our spiritual powers, to enrich our own life, and to bless all humankind. In this manner, we strive to become a force for good – to work for God in the world.

Becoming a Member confirms to you and your spiritual community that you are committed to living a life of love, abundance, and meaning. It affirms a sense of commitment to personal spiritual growth, ownership of your individual beliefs, and a willingness to make a difference.

Membership is not a requirement to attend any of the workshops, classes or activities that go on at Unity Center of Pittsburgh. The only logistical difference has to do with voting during the annual church meeting and the ability to serve on the board or committees. Becoming a member isn't difficult, but it does involve study about the Unity approach to re-establishing your connection to the spirit consciousness and all that this entails.

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