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If you are looking for a spiritual community of loving people, you have come to the right place. Our community is made up of people, like yourself, who have been led to Unity by Spirit. We are all here because we’re on a spiritual journey to become all that we were created to be


Unity welcomes people of all religious backgrounds and beliefs. We welcome people of all creeds, sexual orientations, and social backgrounds. There are no exceptions in our welcome to everyone. In Unity we don't tell people what to think; instead, we offer tools that individuals can use to create lives of meaning and purpose. It’s an exciting time to be here because positive, empowering transformation is occurring!

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New Member Classes Coming Soon

New membership classes begin Summer, 2023. Check back soon for dates. 


Unity Center of Pittsburgh  application form can be completed here: 


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All are welcome.


Volunteers are always needed. Let us know your special gifts and interests.


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