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Replay: Celebrating Spring, the Season of Renewal by Yvonne Dwyer

Updated: Mar 27

In the Season of Renewal, Is Life Like a Box of Chocolate?

Myrtle Fillmore's teachings encouraged individuals to tap into their inner divinity, embrace their innate potential, and cultivate a deeper connection

with the divine presence within themselves and the world around them.

"Life is Like a Box of Chocolates" (a metaphor from the movie "Forrest Gump") tells us that life is unpredictable, with a variety of experiences, some sweet

and some not so sweet. Learn how this analogy holds true in this season of spiritual renewal. Just as spring brings new growth and rejuvenation in nature, spiritual renewal introduces fresh perspectives and opportunities for growth in our lives. How do we respond when life presents us with a mixture of experiences, challenges, and blessings that may not seem like the "piece of chocolate we wanted"? Music by Lucy Clabby and Bryce Rabideau

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