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Welcome back guest speaker Beth Kukucka this Sunday!

What If…We Can’t Get This Wrong?

What if we can’t get this wrong? Life.

Not just sometimes, or as an exception to the rule, but all the time.

What if?

In this talk, Beth will take us on a journey of perspective

and possibility using stories from her own life that offer a unique interpretation of what is.

Beth has found that this playful approach makes it easier

to consider the moving parts and connecting threads of the bigger picture,

no matter the conflict or situation, offering an authentic opportunity to be an honorable

and respectful witness to it all, and to each other.

Beth will follow her talk with a short film created for this talk, entitled,

“What If We Can’t Get This Wrong?”

About Beth:

Beth Kukucka is a writer, filmmaker and speaker who uses vintage home movies

to create short films on life, love, and all things human and divine.

These inspirational themes are intended as visual reminders that we’re all in this together, that no one is alone, and that it matters that we’re here.

You can view her films, and her corresponding inspirational “Love, God” tiles

by visiting her website at, and @KukuckaPhotography.

Music by Mariko Reid and Mila Shadel

Unity Center of Pittsburgh invites you to join us on Sunday Mornings.

We meet at 10:30 am Eastern Time. The address is 5343 Kincaid Street,

Pittsburgh, PA 15224.

Parking is free and available on the street or in the lot across from the center located on the corner at Kincaid Street and N. Aiken. Traveling by bus? Pittsburgh Regional Transit Route 88.

If you are unable to join us in person, you can stream our service here on YouTube.

Upcoming Events:

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