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Replay: Becoming Conscious by Maryann Hackworth

Updated: Apr 19

Becoming Conscious

A recent podcast with spiritual teacher and author Eckhart Tolle inspired this message. Eckhart stated: “Life is not here to make you happy. Life is here to make you conscious.” The startling bluntness of this statement may seem to be in direct contradiction with our positive-minded New Thought philosophy. Yet upon reflection, haven’t we noticed ourselves becoming more and more conscious? Our awareness of the world around us has grown; we are more conscious of collective suffering. Through our own life experiences, something is emerging from the recess of our Being, bringing forth awakened spiritual understanding and with it, a strong desire for change.

Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore alluded to this awakening in the Revealing Word, 1931:

“There is a divine goodness at the root of all existence...This goodness sleeps

in the recesses of every mind and comes forth when least expected. Many stifle it for years, maybe for ages, but eventually its day comes and there is a day

of reckoning. No man is so lowly but that at the touch of its secret spring

this divine goodness may be brought to light in him.”

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