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Replay: what comes after Easter? Teach Only Love...

Updated: Apr 9

He Is Risen: Ok, So Now What?!

On Easter, our special guest Rev. Matt Jones shared what his bone marrow transplant & the Resurrection had in common. Cheryl Lowitzer followed up with a key concept from A Course in Miracles text (Circle of Atonement Complete Annotated Edition). Specifically, The Message of the Crucifixion in Chapter 6: The Lessons of Love can help us dive deeper into Resurrection Consciousness; a new way of thinking! Wondering where to go next on YOUR Spiritual journey? Is it time to reconsider the role the Holy Spirit can play in YOUR daily life? How do we ask for guidance & how well do we listen to, then ACT on that guidance?! Watch the REPLAY on our YouTube Channel. Music by Ronni Weiss.

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