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Environmental Educator Yvonne Dwyer to Speak at Unity Center of Pittsburgh This Sunday

Mildred Fillmore, once accused of being a nature worshipper, wrote, "As we become more sensitive to our environment, we realize what a sacred opportunity we have to be custodians and to be in a relationship with many faces of the divine, not just human beings, but everything in our environment is sacred and Holy."

This Sunday, October 29th, Unity Center of Pittsburgh is pleased to welcome Yvonne Dwyer, Pennsylvania Master Naturalist and Environmental Educator.

Her topic is Finding Harmony With Nature: Nurturing A Spiritual Connection To The Natural World.

"Nature works intelligently, and we shall never be able to conform to her laws until we approach her as a wise, loving mother who we know gladly gives us what we want when we use it wisely. Instead of operating from that place of despair and hopelessness, we can move forward with hope and a clear vision for practical, tangible steps to live in harmony with our environment." -Charles Fillmore

Yvonne Dwyer is a Pennsylvania Master Naturalist and Environmental Educator. She writes regularly for One Planet Life and connects her students to nature. Her teaching focuses on protecting, preserving, and conserving natural resources, as well as reducing our carbon footprint using tools available in our local ecosystem.

Unity Center of Pittsburgh invites you to join us on Sunday Mornings.

We meet at 10:30 am Eastern Time. The address is 5343 Kincaid Street,

Pittsburgh, PA 15224.

Parking is free and available on the street or in the lot across from the center located on the corner at Kincaid Street and N. Aiken. Traveling by bus? Pittsburgh Regional Transit Route 88.

If you are unable to join us in person, you can stream our service here on YouTube.

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