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Replay: Member Carlos Roa shares insights from his first year with Unity of Pittsburgh!

Updated: Feb 12

The Whole Picture: What I Have Learned During My First Year in Unity Early in 2023, I learned that a person who had "hurt" me years ago was going

through a difficult time. I immediately realized that we never have the complete picture of any situation, and our best response is always to trust and forgive.

As the year unfolded, further insights into considering the whole picture guided me toward forgiving both others and myself, along with recognizing the blessings

that I was not previously aware of. Attending Unity spiritual services throughout the year has provided me with the guidance to see "The Whole Picture", allowing me to move forward from challenging moments in both the past and present.

About Carlos:

Carlos Roa is a journalist and writer who has written for newspapers, radio, TV, and websites. Born and raised in Venezuela, he is a dual Venezuelan-American citizen. He currently serves as the Press and PR director for a non-profit organization.

Carlos is also skilled in playwriting and scriptwriting,

with extensive experience in theater as both an actor and director. Music by Ronni Weiss

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Feb 10
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Carlos us beautiful soul.

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