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Give thanks! Explore The Gratitude Factor with Maryann Hackworth this Sunday, November 26th

Today’s message is inspired by the spiritual teaching

of Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore:

“We increase whatever we praise. The whole creation responds to praise and is glad.”

Gratitude is a spiritual tool to help us energetically shift

and plant elevated vibrational seeds into the Divine Field of Possibilities.

Notice the good feelings that arise when we think of people or events

for which we are grateful. Contrast these with the feelings that we may harbor

toward people and events that we dislike. Gratitude is a choice. It is the response

that we give to the life that we are experiencing…and it is the opportunity

to increase whatever we praise!

“For the ones who had a notion, a notion deep inside;

that it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive.” - Bruce Springsteen

Music by Ronni Weiss

Unity Center of Pittsburgh invites you to join us on Sunday Mornings.

We meet at 10:30 am Eastern Time. The address is 5343 Kincaid Street,

Pittsburgh, PA 15224.

Parking is free and available on the street or in the lot across from the center located on the corner at Kincaid Street and N. Aiken. Traveling by bus? Pittsburgh Regional Transit Route 88.

If you are unable to join us in person, you can stream our service here on YouTube.

Upcoming Events:

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