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ICYMI: The View From Inside Out

This past Sunday, Unity Center had a very inspirational service. In case you missed it, the recording is below.

Highlights include fantastic music from Lucy and Bryce, including "True in the Light", "Let it Be", "Dear Prudence", and"Thank You for This Day" and an exceptional message by Maryann Hackworth filled with hope and inspiration. Enjoy the recording and join us in person at an upcoming service or event.

Don’t confuse “your life" with the narrative in your mind. While the mind thinks it’s solving your problems, it is actually regurgitating the narrative. - Eckhart Tolle

For next Sunday's service, we welcome guest speaker Beth Caldwell speaking on the topic of Forgiveness. Beth will also facilitate a discussion on the topic after the service.

Join us on Sunday's in-person at Unity Center of Pittsburgh, 5343 Kincaid Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15224. Service begins at 10:30 am and doors open at 10.

Other Upcoming Events:

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