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Replay: Rev. Matt Jones' metaphysical Easter message of healing, renewal & connection

Updated: Apr 2

The Transplant on Calvary

What does Easter mean to you? Rev. Jones shared the parallels between his personal journey (a bone marrow transplant) and the divine journey of Jesus on Calvary. This powerful tale of inner healing, spiritual metamorphosis, and the cosmiIc interconnectedness of all life can bless anyone wondering "why the Crucifixion or even/especially why this, why me"? Embrace the profound truth that just as a medical transplant brings new life, the Transplant on Calvary does the same for all of us. Discover and affirm the resurrection power of Christ Consciousness to renew and transform you.


Rev. Matthew Jones was diagnosed with cancer during his senior year of college.

At one point, it spread to his brain, he slipped into an unconscious state,

and doctors did not think he would live.

Miraculously, he recovered, went through a bone marrow transplant, and completed a marathon on every continent after relearning how to walk.

Matt is an ordained Metaphysical Minister and Interfaith Minister with a concentration

in “A Course of Miracles” from All Faiths International Seminary in New York. He holds a Master of Metaphysics and a Doctor of Divinity specializing in Bible Interpretation. He is currently enrolled at Global Grace Seminary, pursuing a master’s degree in theology.

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