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Replay: We Honor Diversity & Heal Trauma with Atonement

Updated: Feb 19

DISCLAIMER: This video clip is ONLY of

Maryann Hackworth's talk. It's my first attempt at editing, so it IS missing the first 60 seconds of her prologue. You can find the prologue in the DESCRIPTION of this video on our NEW YouTube Playlist: Standing Together for Justice & Equality

Atonement: reparation for a wrong or injury

Throughout the ages, mankind has inflicted unimaginable cruelty and pain upon itself by denying the intrinsic value of all human beings and withholding freedom and equal rights to all people. Living from the small-minded ego, we perpetuate our agony when we turn a blind eye to our wrongdoings of the past and present. It is time to heal the epic wound of racism and transform our collective pain into a rebirth of collective love in the human family. Through the practice of atonement, we ask forgiveness for our illusion of separation and  resultant acts of brutality against each other. We release deep-seated hatreds that have plagued mankind’s consciousness throughout the millennia. With prayerful awareness of our connected Oneness, let's embrace our human family and rise up in a rebirth of Love. 

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word.” 

- Martin Luther King Jr.

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