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Replay: The 4 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

Updated: Jun 30

Unity Center of Pittsburgh Board Member, author and accomplished speaker, Beth Caldwell shared the principles from the best-selling book The Four Spiritual Laws

of Prosperity written by Unity Minister Edwene Gaines. We encourage you to xxplore these laws for yourself to uplevel your own relationship with prosperity, money and consciousness. You may want to pay special attention to how they align with our Unity principles as "practical spirituality".

"Success is the natural outcome of aligning your mind with the universal principles

of love, faith, and abundance." - Myrtle Fillmore

What does a prosperous, abundant life mean to YOU? Consider what could be possible in YOUR life simply by consistently applying the Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity (as "modernized" by Beth):

  • Live your Divine Purpose

  • Be very clear & specific about your desires

  • Forgiveness

  • Tithing

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