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Replay: How you can ascend to LOVE in a Changing World by Rev. Susanna Goulder

Updated: Jun 10

Ascending to Love In a Changing World

Unity Church has taught us how to connect with Divine Mind for over a century, guiding us toward a higher consciousness of love. Rev. Guoulder shared her personal journey of choosing Love over Fear, with a moving analogy of a butterfly's metamorphosis. We also have the choice to embrace imaginal cells that can help us align with our Soul's Truth. If you want to work with the energy of TRUST and learn how to breathe into the freedom of taking a spiritual leap, Rev. Goulder's talk can guide you.

Reverend Susanna Goulder has a personal mission to bring love and light into every moment. Fun fact: she was the original set designer for the "Sex and the City" television series! She has conducted thousands of coaching sessions, planted seeds of light with messages and seminars at conferences, summits, businesses, and churches, led numerous Good Vibrations workshops, offered soul coaching oracle card readings, built a sizable native hummingbird garden, and, with her hubby, has been witnessing this crazy, wonderful planet as it goes through its changes.

Upcoming Events:

Oh No! Did you MISS our Annual Meeting on June 9th?! It. was. epic. And there are so many exciting things on the horizon!

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