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Bad Day? What Bad Day?
Maryann Hackworth
Sunday, August 21, 2022, 10:30 am

As an awakened spiritual seeker, I may be hesitant to admit that I'm having a bad day. Metaphysical spiritual teachings emphasize the importance

of affirmative thoughts and prayers. Knowing that we are co-creators with the Divine, we understand the importance of keeping it positive. So is it a failure to admit

when things are not going well? Can we learn to see the difficulties

as stepping stones? Yes...there is a way through the “bad day!”

Life’s challenges are the catalysts that guide us to deeper spiritual understanding.


Unity co-founder Myrtle Fillmore explains in “How to Let God Help You.”

“There really is no limit to spiritual unfoldment. The Spirit of Truth within your own soul is giving you a right understanding of every experience that comes to you,

and you are calling some of your inactive, unused soul powers

into expression to meet the need.”


Masks are now optional for all visitors to the Unity Center of Pittsburgh.

They will remain available by our front door for anyone who may want to wear them. Let us continue to affirm and promote health & wholeness

and use best practices to keep ourselves and others safe. 

Thank you for your continued support and be well!

- Unity Center of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees

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