Energize Your 12 Powers
Rev. Patti Perhacs
Sunday, October 3, 2021, 10:30 am

Energize your 12 Powers for an Illuminated, Abundant Life!

More than a century ago, when Unity Founder Charles Fillmore studied the life of the Ascended Master Jesus, he discovered aspects of the Divine within humankind.  Fillmore called these capabilities the 12 POWERS which,

when directed, can be used as tools to enrich our physical and spiritual life,

so that we may reach our fullest potential!

Reverend Patti will review the importance of the 12 Powers

and lead a guided exercise as taught by Charles Fillmore.

This exercise will engage the indwelling Christ and energize each Power center to deepen our connection and development of these innate capabilities.


Due to the recent rise in the incidence of COVID-19 cases in Allegheny County, we respectfully request that ALL visitors wear masks while inside the building. 
Masks will be available at the entrance for anyone who arrives without one.

Let us affirm and promote health and wholeness by taking care of each other during this challenging time.
- Unity Center of Pittsburgh, Board of Trustees

Unity Center of Pittsburgh is a New Thought church in the East End of Pittsburgh. We hold services each Sunday beginning at 10:30 am and offer a variety of opportunities for exploring the sacred within ourselves. (We are pleased to offer both live and virtual services.)


  • Our vision is to see a spiritually awakened world flowing with Divine Love.

  • We are an inclusive, loving community dedicated to teach, inspire and practice positive spiritual living.

Welcome to Unity Center of Pittsburgh!

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